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Thursday, 11 February 2010

update and FREE live webinar on Kangen water

extract from email received: 

Invitation to a Live, Virtual, Kangen Water Demo - NO COST!

Hello Everyone,

I respect the fact that your time is extremely valuable and I want to deliver the information that you have requested in the most convenient way possible. I am inviting you to attend an online demonstration about Enagic and the Japanese technology that creates Kangen Water. This presentation is only around 45 minutes and is loaded with all of the information that you have been seeking about this life-changing technology and it's incredible benefits so that you can be well informed and empowered to create better health and longevity for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Learn why it is important to alkalize, super-hydrate, and anti-oxidize your body
  • Hear a dirty little secret about bottled water and how it is often worse than tap water
  • Learn why many of the drinks that you consume daily are hurting you
  • Learn why this technology is so important in today's world and how it works
  • Experience a LIVE Presentation of our technology in streaming video
  • Learn about the many benefits of drinking Kangen Water and how it can help restore health
  • Hear what the Experts have to say about the Kangen Water technology
  • Learn how easy it is to own a machine -AND- how to receive an immediate return on your investment

This Live Internet Event is offered to you at absolutely NO-COST or obligation!

Weekly Webinars
We are doing this global event via webinar technology... It's easy to join and you can do this from the comfort and privacy of your own home! All that you need to join is a computer with a broadband internet connection.

To accept this invitation:

  1. Visit KangenWebinar.com
  2. Click on the presentation from the calendar that best fits your schedule.
  3. Click on the link inside the event detail window to register
  4. You will be sent via email all of the information you need to join.
We update the schedule every week... so do check back often and join us anytime you wish.

Hi everyone,
I was sent this link about ionised water for cfs and fibromyalgia. Would love to hear what others think.


or email: fmasupportstevenage@gmail.com


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