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Monday, 17 May 2010

Hi to all members and those new to the blog - update: Monday 17 May 2010

As you may have been aware, Saturday 15 May was Fibromyalgia Day!  As a group which has recently formed, we did not arrange a funtion or awareness day this year however the initial group of members spread the word and we have a few more members resulting from their efforts - we hope to form a fundraising group who will look at marking FM day in the future as well as other fundraising and group events.  If you have any ideas do let us know.
This blog is for Stevenage FM Support Group members their carers, family and friends or anyone wishing to support and volunteer to assist with various tasks wherever expertise can be offered and to join in to meet the aims and objectives of the group, being to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia, support members, raise funds to promote the work of FM in general, and raise awareness especially to medical professionals, hospitals, clinics and other support groups in order to reach more people who would otherwise not be aware that there is a support group locally for their benefit and membership.  If anyone reading this would like more information these are the ways to get in touch:
email:  sgfmsg1@gmail.com  - members note new email, the original email will still redirect to the new one.
helpline:  08448 872 355
mobile:  07765601707 (for text and messages)
this blog:  'letsblogaboutfm'

Any volunteers in the group who would like to monitor and contribute useful and relevant info to this blog about every second week? Get in touch, help and support is needed to make the group a success.

best wishes,

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